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Is Your Marriage Worth Saving

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Is Your Marriage Worth Saving?

With the well-known statistic that half of marriages end in divorce and two thirds of remarriages end the same sad way, is marriage less meaningful these days? Do people rush into it, thinking they can get out of it quite easily if they need to? Whatever the current beliefs about marriage, the concept has not changed fundamentally. Marriage is a sacred union between two people who want to be together and want the fact of their togetherness acknowledged, whether through a religious or non-religious ceremony.

A lot of people choose to get married when their relationship is fairly new and perhaps they don't know one another as well as they should. Many other people get married after a fairly long relationship because they feel it is the "right thing to do". If you have made the step to get married and settled into the marriage only to encounter problems, then what should you do?

It might seem easier just to walk away, cut any losses and try again with someone else but the fact remains that your marriage CAN be saved. It depends whether you both want to try and save it. The main question is this: do you still love your spouse?

If the answer to that is yes, you have a high chance of resolving any issues and saving your marriage. It might be a cliche these days but communication really is the key. If you have differences, you need to communicate with one another and be honest about the way you feel.

Outside factors are a common cause of problems within a marriage. These can include the following:

• Financial troubles
• Problems with children
• Not enough quality time together because of business responsibilities
• Problems with in-laws or other family members

Any of the above problems can put a heavy strain on a marriage but you need to find ways around these problems and solve them together as a couple. Most married people will experience good times and bad times but you need to get through them together and share the responsibility for decision making and solving the problems. Your marriage needs to be stronger than the effect the problem has on it.

If the two of you no longer love one another or there is someone else who you love more, divorce would probably be the best solution if you are sure about how you feel. If other responsibilities or problems are to blame but you still do love each other, you can work through these problems together and come out the other side with a strengthened relationship. You might want to try marriage therapy if a third party can help you or if you want somebody neutral to advise you on your particular problems.

Divorce is a last resort and should only be used when there is no love left between you. Remember all the reasons why you got together in the first place and how good things were before? You can have all that again but it takes time, work and a lot of honest communication to sort things out.

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